If there are classics of Austrian jazz, here is one!

How "Air, Love & Vitamins" became an Austrian jazz standard

Harry Pepl wrote the composition "Air, Love & Vitamins" in the early 80s. Originally humorous and bitterly angry also announced as "shitty wanderer", the title of this song should express something basically positive with a pinch of self-irony: Air, love and something else, vitamins as well.

In 1983 the first recording was released: The Jazzzwio, the congenial duo consisting of Harry Pepl and the Tyrolean vibraphonist and later composer Werner Pirchner, which had received international attention in the 80s, was expanded to a trio for a recording at the renowned Munich record company ECM by none other than the American drummer legend Jack DeJohnette.

For almost 40 years, the work has been interpreted by various musicians and line-ups, both nationally and internationally. The work has even served as the title of the album: Pepl's student at the Graz University of Music, the internationally established jazz guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel, released his album "Air, Love & Vitamins" on Quinton Records in 2004 together with American musicians bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Brian Blade.